I AM Kids® Vision:

Be the global leading educator with the best pedagogical practice in empowering children

I AM Kids® Mission:

Understanding that every child is a unique individual and guide them through their journey to realize their fullest potential

I AM Kids® Core Values:

Passion and Commitment

We put our heart and mind into the work we do. Our passion drives our commitment and devotion to positively impact the development and growth of all children who come through our doors. We commit to walk with children and their families on their journey of self-discovery and learning.


We hold ourselves to the highest standard of integrity in all that we do. We commit to build honest and trusting relationships with children and their families that are based on genuine love and respect. We will openly discuss concerns and seek constructive solutions to them.

Creativity and Innovation

We possess the expertise, skills, tenacity, diligence and dynamism to constantly create new and exciting learning experiences for children.