At I AM Kids®, we believe in the education of the whole child –
cognitively, physically, socially, emotionally and behaviorally.

More than just imparting knowledge and skills to children, we nurture children to be well-balanced, confident, joyful and empowered individuals. To achieve this, I AM Kids® centers are purposefully designed to be without physical boundaries so as to appeal to children’s sense of freedom and spontaneity to learn, grow, develop and interact with the many dimensions of life.

I AM Kids® offers inclusive programmes where physical activities and movements are used as contexts and means for learning. Children are taught to move to grasp the knowledge of body awareness, eye-hand co-ordination, managing space, speed, force, etc. within the learning content for English literacy, mathematical concepts, scientific skills. Throughout the very same learning context, children also learn valuable social skills, management of co-operation and competition, appropriate behaviors, and consequences for actions and be unconditionally loving to others.